Duties levied on August 23

Issuing time:2019-11-20 00:00

According to the cutting-edge announcement of the "Announcement of Members of the State Council Customs Tariff Commission on Tariffs on Imports Originating in the United States of 50 Billion US Dollars", the list of goods subject to tariffs in the United States and Canada will be adjusted. Tariffs will be implemented from 01 minutes.

This also means that relevant imports from the United States will be subject to a 25% tariff. This is also the first of the electronic components to be affected by the tariff increase. Previously, the original import tax rate for connectors was 0%.

It is understood that the brands of related connectors involve 3M, MOLEX, TE, TYCO, AMPHENOL, ARK-LES, DELPHI, HEYCO, MULTICOMP and so on.

International electronics business reporters have learned from finance and tax professionals that imported products are generally subject to import tariffs and import value-added tax, and are exempt from value-added tax for qualified import processing companies, but are not exempt for general trade. The import duty is the duty-paid price * import duty rate. The value-added tax for imports is the duty-paid price + customs duty + consumption tax plus the value-added tax rate. However, VAT can be deducted through domestic sales or exports for input VAT or exemption.

The main thing that affects product prices is import tariffs. 25% means that the price of the product has increased by a quarter. With the levy of connector tariffs, price increases for products originating in the United States have become inevitable, and some people have said that they will benefit the development of domestic connectors.

Connectors were not included in the list prepared as early as June, and the connectors in Listing 2 announced on 8th this month were listed, which has attracted widespread attention from component suppliers and demanders. Judging from the currently published list, most of them involve passive components, not integrated circuit products, and integrated circuits are the top priority of semiconductor products. The industry has attached great importance to what will be included in the scope of collection.

Beginning on July 6, the United States imposed tariffs on approximately US $ 34 billion of Chinese exports to the United States.At the same time, China also adopted tariff increases on imports of agricultural products such as soybeans, automobiles, and aquatic products from the United States. The tax rate is 25%, involving about US $ 34 billion of Chinese imports from the United States in 2017.

The United States will impose tariffs on the remaining US $ 16 billion in goods on the 23rd, and China has taken corresponding actions. It plans to impose a 25% import tariff on chemicals, medical equipment, energy products and other goods imported from the United States. The value of China's imports from the United States in 2017 was approximately US $ 16 billion.

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